2 Chron. 5 In Charge or In Control?

Upon completion of the “house of the Lord”, Solomon had all the things that had been acquired by David brought to furnish the house of the Lord. What wasn’t used in the furnishings was placed in the “treasuries of the house of God.”

When all was completed, there was a dedication of the temple; which seems to have been an event partially inspired what Solomon had been told about David’s relocating of the ark from Obed-Edom’s house to Jerusalem, as the Feast of Tabernacles was being celebrated as well.

Note, only the priests who had sanctified, or cleansed and set themselves apart were able to participate in the ark’s relocation to the temple.

A number of scholars believe that the temple was constructed on the site David saw the angel on the threshing floor; which also was the site that Abraham was prepared to offer his son Isaac.

In addition to the exuberant worship and praise to the Lord during the ark being transported to the temple, we see that sacrifices “that could not be counted or numbered” were presented. When the priests had positioned the ark in the Holy of Holies, there was a oneness in adoration and praise to the Lord that resulted in the glory of the Lord becoming so awesome, the priests were unable to perform their sacerdotal responsibilities.

There are those in leadership of ministries that are reluctant to seek the presence of the Lord or prepare a place and time for His presence to be released. I’ve often heard and observed such occasions longing and thirsty for such a time in the Lord; yet leaders are afraid of not being in “control”. They fear the full blown revival the Lord desires to bring because it’s messy.

Let us allow the Lord to be in charge of our meetings and Him to be in control.