2 Chron. 7 Where God Dwells

We have before us one of richest chapters of eternal value concerning God’s heart and desire for Israel and Solomon.
1 Kings 8 gives us the record of the “glory” of the Lord filling the house and now we read that “fire came down from heaven”; consuming the offerings and sacrifices. The indication is the fire came as a result of the glory (vs. 1). The response of “all the children of Israel” was worship and praise; as they sang “For He is good, For His mercy endures forever.”

Over the seven days of celebration, there were offered twenty-two thousand bulls, along with one hundred and twenty-two thousand sheep. That’s a lot of bull and sheep! To put it in perspective; to offer that many bulls would require one hundred and thirty per hour and seven hundred twenty-six per hour for sheep. Undoubtedly that kept the Levites busy the entire time of the celebration by preparation and sacrificial giving of the offerings. Again, we see the use of trumpets, made by David “to praise the Lord”.

These next phrases hold the eternal value of truth, provided we have ears to hear and hearts to receive.
The Lord promised to respond to the cry of the humble in the midst of famine and/or pestilence; provided they would pray and seek “My face” not His hand and repent. God would move in response with listening, forgiving and healing.

Note, it was in response to “prayer made in this place.” Where is that “place”? Could it be the Lord is referring prophetically to our individual houses and not just a geographical location? That “house” when filled with His glory and a “house” of sacrifice is evident in our lives, He would dwell there with His name, His eyes and His heart.

The Apostle Paul writes we are houses of the Living God, tabernacles or temples. As places of His glory and walking as living sacrifices; He will take up residence, see us and our status/situations and have an open heart to our cries.