2 Kings 18 A Model for Politicians

The power of Godly influence is seen once again as is evident in the life of Hezekiah, whose grandfather (Zechariah) had profound impact on him as did his mother, Abi.

Hezekiah was an agent of transformation in a culture that was at least was tolerant and at worse antagonistic toward the things of God. This righteous king, led the nation is the destruction of objects of idolatrous worship.
How was he able to bring transformation to a culture that had been involved in following the works of darkness?

First, “he did what was right in the sight of the Lord”. He wasn’t concerned about what recognition he might have from man; rather it was God he desired to please.

Second, “he held fast to the Lord”. The original Hebrew carries with it the idea of being bound together. The king had determined he would stay close to the Lord God.

Third, “he did not depart from following Him (the Lord)”. What a powerful testimony! He not only was bound to the Lord; but he stayed that way throughout his life.

Fourth, Hezekiah “kept His commandments, which the Lord had given Moses.” He did this in his own personal life, but also led a nation toward this as well.

As a result, “the Lord was with him” which resulted in prosperity wherever he went. He fought against Assyria and the Philistines; and won!

That is the kind of leadership we need across our nation; from the White House to the court house, from East Coast to the West Coast and from border to border. “God give us a leader or leaders that will be as Hezekiah.

Early in his reign, Hezekiah was confronted with Sennacherib; to whom he paid a ransom rather than fight, at that time. Hezekiah paid the ransom with the silver and gold from the temple. Following the payment the king of Assyria had those who mocked and blasphemed the God of Israel. Following Hezekiah’s admonition, the people didn’t respond to any of these. Hezekiah understood it was God Who was being blasphemed and not anyone else.

Unable to coerce the leadership, the enemy’s attention was focused on the people, in an attempt to create a coup; ridiculing their faith in the Lord and their confidence in Hezekiah. They mocked God’s ability to keep them safe, as they gave a listing of all the other gods that had failed their followers. What they didn’t realize was those gods, were not gods at all, they were figures of wood and stone.

In the next chapter we’ll discover what happened.