2 Kings 20 His Covenant Endures

Hezekiah’s illness was well on its way to becoming the cause of his death, after reigning fourteen years. The prophet Isaiah came to deliver the word that he needed to “Set your house in order, for you shall die, and not live.” The king’s response was one of contrition; yet absent of humility, as he declares what may be seen as a “self-righteous” attitude. It is likely he was concerned about the future of Judah, due to the battle with Sennacarib hadn’t taken place yet.

The word of the Lord came to Isaiah before he’d left the palace, that Hezekiah’s prayer heard his prayers and seen his tears; and healing was on the way. This is the first and only man on earth that knew when he would die. God promised to defend Jerusalem as well as Hezekiah, on the basis of the covenant that had been established with David.
As to the moving of the sun dial going backward ten degrees, there is much debate and a myriad of opinions as how this took place. What we do know is it happened and Hezekiah was healed.

After recovery Berodach-Baladan from Babylon came to bring Hezekiah a gift in light of his illness, whereupon Hezekiah showed him all the treasures that were in his house. Why such a foolish thing occurred we can only surmise that it was based on pride.

The prophet Isaiah spoke a word of impending judgment that everything would be taken captive one day, including his sons to serve in the house of the Babylonian king. Hezekiah’s response was one that recognized what had been said was “good”, in that it was a just penalty for his error.

There are those reading this that need to know that the Lord has heard your cries and seen your tears; He is moving on your behalf and will bring about healing and deliverance for what you’ve cried out for. Don’t give up on God or prayer!

The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous does avail much!