2 Kings 3 Who You Gonna Serve?

Jehoshaphat continued his relationship with the leadership of Israel even though Jehoram, Ahab’s son, “did evil in the sight of the Lord”. He did destroy the “sacred pillar of Baal” that his father erected; yet he didn’t repent and/or leave transgressing and continuing to lead Israel into idolatry though.

Moab had been placed under tribute to Israel, which Mesha rebelled against. He had been providing Jehoram and Israel with thousands of pounds of wool and determined to rebel against being under tribute when he heard of Ahab’s death. Jehoram heard of the insurrection and requested Jehoshaphat’s assistance, who continued to follow the Lord God.

There were two questions that he had concerning the battle; one what would be the route they’d take and two was there a prophet that could give them direction?

Edom had coerced into being a part of the coalition, as they were under tribute to Israel, thereby joining “these three kings together”.

As to the second question, Jehoram said there was one prophet, Elisha “who poured water on the hands of Elijah”. It’s interesting that Elisha wasn’t recognized for the miracles that had been performed up to that point in time; but for having SERVED Elijah.

Who we serve prepares us for the next level of ministry the Lord has for us. In the words of an old rock song, “you gotta serve somebody”; who do you serve? Do we serve others as Elisha or do we serve ourselves? May we serve others, elevating them to another level of effectiveness in the kingdom.

Elisha comes to deliver the word of the Lord and declares if it weren’t for Jehoshaphat, He wouldn’t even be speaking to them prophetically.

We read of the first time a musical prophetic word being given here. Elisha requested a “musician”, likely a harpist that played as Elisha sang the prophetic word to dig ditches that would be filled supernaturally with water. The confederation of three kings was in dire straits, as they were without water and about ready to engage in battle Moab. The next morning, water filled the ditches; which Moab saw as blood due to the reflection of the sun.

Thinking that there had been confusion in the camp of the three kings, continued on in a nonchalant march. When the Moabites came, they engaged in battle, causing them to retreat to their own region; even though being pursued by the three kings.

Mesha, king of Moab, took some of his choice troops and tried to break through the line of attack, but was unsuccessful. Upon entering back into the city, he determined to offer his son, as had Abraham with Isaac, as a sacrifice; only with different results, his son was killed and Isaac lived.

This brought an outrage in Israel and caused the three kings to retreat and return to their own land.

I ask again, who do you serve? Who we serve and how we serve affects our worship and lifestyle; either for the Lord, ourselves or devil. Echoing Joshua’s declaration, “as for me and my house, we’ll serve the Lord.”