2 Kings 9 Faithful To Another’s Ministries

Elisha summoned a prophet, who a number of scholars believe to be Jonah, who had replaced Gehazi as a personal assistant to deliver a message to Jehu. Upon arrival, there seems to be in addition to what Elisha had said to Jehu; which included anointing Jehu with oil to be the agent of fulfilling the prophecy by his predecessor concerning the house of Ahab; specifically, the manner of Jezebel’s death. The gruesome death by which Jezebel would die by dogs eating her and the location were spot on by the prophet.

When Jehu came back into the presence of the other commanders, he finally told them what had been said to him by the young prophet. The young prophet’s words “I have anointed you king over the people of the Lord” (vs. 6) gives the distinct impression that Jehu was to be a “godly” leader and lead in the ways of the Lord.

Their response is worth note, as they laid their garments for Jehu to walk on. This act symbolized their pledging their allegiance to Jehu with all they had and all they were, as well as defending him.

Joram was still at Ramoth-gilead and had Ahaziah held captive (2 Chron. 22), the king of Judah. The two horsemen sent out to determine as to whether there was “peace” or didn’t return, but got in the rear of the group led by Jehu. It was then that Jehu’s reputation caught up him concerning his driving, “for he drives furiously!” Jehu reminds me of some ministers who drive their vehicles as Jehu did his chariot.

Joram had a chariot made ready and for some reason had Ahaziah either in the same chariot or another. Jehu drew back his bow at full strength and shot Joram, who died near the plot of ground that had been owned by Naboth. Ahaziah witnessed all this and fled for his own life, yet was killed in similar manner as was Joram. Both kings apparently died on the same day; both were poor leaders, evil in their approach to leadership and both totally had forsaken the Lord.

Jehu pursued Jezebel to Jezreel, where he found her in a tower. He asked the question “Who is on my side” when two to three eunuchs came and threw Jezebel out of the window. He then trampled her under the hooves of his horse, went in to eat, returned to bury her; but only discovered her head, hands and feet. A head that had contrived murder and conspiracy, hands that forged papers to enforce her wishes and feet that ran to do even more evil.

As I read this chapter, it is interesting that whoever this prophet is, he took the place of an impatient and greedy man, Gehazi. If it is Jonah who delivered this prophetic word at the risk of life, God likely found a man that could be trusted to deliver a true message. We all know Jonah wasn’t faithful at the beginning and complained about his situation after having been faithful to deliver the “word of the Lord” to Nineveh; yet he DID deliver the word and people came to the Lord.

If we will be faithful in “another’s” ministry, the Lord will give us what is our own (Luke 16:12).