5 Certainties About God!

June 24

What does God want to do for you?  Have you asked that before?  Or have you ever been asked, “What will God do for me?”

Ezekiel 34 is an indictment against shepherd or pastors, but God promises that He will deliver His flock from the mouth of the enemy.  God will do this for you and our family too.

God’s strategy to accomplish that is given in verses 11 – 15.

  1. “I (God) Myself will search. . . .  them out.”  God Himself is doing the seeking.  He’s the merchant looking for rare pearls and discovers them.  He’s found one in you!
  2. “I will care.”  God will come and break through for you.   He’ll watch over you with lovingkindness and mercy.
  3. “I will bring.” God will break you out of whatever situation that may try to keep you enslaved.
  4. “I will feed.” God will provide for you and bring provision for every need.
  5. “I will lead them to rest.”  Jesus said “come to Me and I will give you rest.”

Friends, never forget God is searching, He cares, He’ll bring/break whatever, and He’ll feed and lead you to rest.  That’s what God will do!