Esther 3 Bold in the Face of Martyrdom

We read of one of the earliest recorded attempts at genocide of the Jewish race. Why King Ahasuerus promoted Haman to such a significant position is still a question. His first act in this position was to pass a law that would require everyone to bow and pay homage to him. There are a number of scholars who believe that he had ordered an image to be built in his likeness; which was placed at the entrance of city, that everyone was required to bow before. If that is in fact the case; for Mordecai to bow would have transgressed the Law, had he bowed. Mordecai being a man of integrity and faith, refused to do so; prompting Haman to make a further request for the deaths of all the people Haman was a part. This action brought a level of chaos that undoubtedly put Sushan in a quandary; as a number of them had already intermarried with the Jewish people and would likely included them as well.

Faced with martyrdom, Mordecai continued to stand firm in his faith and practice. In the next chapter we’ll see just how he stood and what it almost cost him.

In our generation, God is looking for such people that will stand in the face of death for their faith and declare it has to sting and has no victory. We stand in Christ and do not need to worry or fret.