A Bold Confession of Faith

Psalm 118: 17    I shall not die, but live, And declare the works of the Lord.

Likely written when the second temple was dedicated after the return of Israel from exile and near extinction as a nation, this described the nation.  It was their hope and desire to declare His works.  We know that was short lived as the nation once again fell under foreign occupation, ultimately to Rome during the time of Christ.

The Word of God is truth and it endures to all generations.  There was a season in my life where this verse was a confession of faith uttered by my lips and my wife’s lips, as I was facing death.  My life was spared, not because of any intrinsic value of self; but because there are yet works to be declared.  These thoughts on Psalms are a portion of those works, being declared.

It is my desire and expectation to continue to live to declare the works of the Lord; but if my life on this earth ceases, may it continue to “declare the works of the Lord”.