A Joseph Generation

I have a strong sense in the Spirit that the Lord is raising up, imparting and commissioning a Joseph Generation of young adults and youth to flood the land.  Many of the great revivals have been launched through previous Joseph Generations and the season we are in is no different.

Note the following characteristics that were evident of Joseph, the son of Jacob & Rachel.

1st Joseph went before.  He not only went before his family but the entire nation of a culture counter to the Kingdom of God, Egypt.  The Joseph Generation being prepared are going before to prepare the way for a massive outpouring of the Kingdom of God.

2nd Joseph was filled with wisdom.  Granted he didn’t exercise that wisdom during the years prior to his imprisonment, in sharing the dreams.  Yet when in the Egyptian culture, he demonstrated and operated in amazing wisdom  responding to the temptations by Potiphar’s wife and leading while in prison.  And then unveiling the dream of Pharaoh and a strategy for the next 14 years.   Wisdom doesn’t only come with age, hopefully it does; but true wisdom comes from having spent time with THE ONE WHO IS WISDOM – Jesus!  The Joseph Generation is and will continue to spend time with the Lord and hear His heart beat, basking in His countenance rather than bowing down to the gods of this world.

3rd Joseph was a reconciler.  A series of reunions with his brothers, then his father must have been exhilarating for Joseph.  Those being raised up in this Joseph Generation have  a passion for reconciling breaches in relationships and in particularly in reconciling generational rifts.  Perhaps another way to put it, they are mediators, bridging gaps that have polarized the Body of Christ, not compromising or peace keeping; rather peace makers.

4th Joseph was a redeemer. Joseph’s life was characterized as being redemptive; toward Israel but also Egypt.  An inkling of this is seen during the interpretation of butler and the baker’s dreams and is more evident when positioned by Pharaoh to implement a 14 year plan that not only reaped a harvest, but provided in a season of famine.  The contemporary Joseph Generation on the rise will be seen as redemptive in Kingdom activity that will be strategic for the Body as well as the culture.

5th Joseph was positioned. During the encounters he experienced at the hands of family, slave owners, employers and jailers positioned him for great things that could not be seen at the time.   Likewise this Joseph Generation is being positioned now through experiences, relocations and education so that they can step up and step into their destiny.

6th Joseph demonstrated honor.  His early youth was a testimony of honoring his father.  Then with Potiphar, the jailer, Pharaoh and finally his family.  In meeting with this Joseph Generation, they have always – without exception – demonstrated honor to me and my generation.  Not in patronizing manners, but in genuine respect.  With several “Josephs” I meet with, they not only draw out of my life but make rich deposits as well.

7th Joseph was a positioner.  His wisdom and counsel to his father and brothers made available the best of the land for their trade, herdsmen.  Joseph was a door opener!  This Joseph Generation not only will open doors but are doing so now.  They demonstrate that by positioning the next generation with opportunity and visibility for their gifts.

This is by no means a definitive list, but it is a vital list of characteristics of this up and coming Joseph Generation.

Speaking as a father, both naturally and spiritually, I’m proud of what God is doing for this Joseph Generation.  May you be blessed as you step into your purpose.