Abundant Redemption

Psalm 130: 7, 8   O Israel, hope in the Lord; For with the Lord there is mercy, And with Him is abundant redemption. And He shall redeem Israel From all his iniquities.

The Psalmist proclaimed a reminder to himself of the Lord’s forgiveness, realizing that if the Lord  kept a tally of iniquity, no one could stand before Him.  It is that forgiveness that prompts our fear or reverence of/for Him.

Abundant redemption results not in an unspecified number; but “all . . .  iniquities”.  That includes our personal iniquities and those inherited as a result of the fall in the Garden.  Interestingly it was a “garden” where the Fall occurred and in a “garden” where the Lord committed to redeem us from the fall.

His redemption is truly abundant.