All Things, Really?

Phil. 4:13   I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

It’s interesting how we can read something, especially scripture, viewing a particular portion or even a few words in a verse and then come to understanding while seeing that same portion from another perspective.

For many years my focus on this particular verse was “I can do all things”.  Viewing this scripture from that limited perspective focuses on “me”.  However as I begin to view with the focus on “all things through Christ”, not only is perspective altered, but the scope of application is broaden substantially.  The focus is on “Christ” rather than “me”.

There are a number of insights to be gleaned from that vantage point, but suffice to say it’s better.  Yes, for the “all things” to occur I must work in tandem with Christ’s strength; but now my reliance isn’t self-reliance – it’s Christ reliance – Christ strengthening me!

All things?  Absolutely!