Are These Earthquakes “Those” Earthquakes?

Are there prophetic implications concerning the two recent earthquakes, one that shook the east coast and the other which shook southern Colorado?   Is God trying to capture our attention?

Jesus did say that in the last days “earthquakes” would be one of the signs, recorded by three of the Gospels (Matthew 24, Mark 13 & Luke 21), but were these “those earthquakes” He was speaking of?  Maybe!  Possibly!

Geologically, answers can be given as to the “why” of these tremors, but is there something more – beyond a “natural reason” for them?

Paul in writing to the Church at Rome stated that “creation groans and labors” for the revelation of the “sons of God”.  (8:19ff)

As to whether these earthquakes are “those” earthquakes Jesus spoke of, I suspect not.  But they are symptoms of God’s creation crying out for you and I to take our rightful place as children of God to show the world Whose Family we really are a part of.   God is raising up and calling forth children around the globe who will dare to stand for righteousness and truth and then demonstrate what it means to be people of the Kingdom.

There’s a whole of shaking going on and it will only escalate until the Lord returns.  Until then we have been given a “wake up call” to either continue being representatives of the Kingdom or get with it and start being authentic representatives of the Kingdom .

Look closely in the mirror focusing on your eyes,  you’ll see the King is in there and wants to come out!