Can The USA Be Blessed Again?

Psalm 33:12   Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, The people He has chosen as His  own inheritance.

In the midst of the political chaos, strife and division in our nation, one might ask the question “Can the USA be blessed again?”  When the focus is on all the ilk’s and woes, one would be hard pressed to give an affirmative answer.  However there is HOPE in this sea of despair that David reminds us of.

When a nation determines that The Supreme God is the Self-Existent One, that nation is positioned to be “blessed”.   Note it doesn’t say the politicians, entertainers, educators, entrepreneurs or any specific segment of the nation; but the people that make the nation what it is – a nation under the authority of Almighty God, they are “blessed”.

Today, I reaffirm my allegiance to The Supreme God, who is The Self-Existent One, along with thousands of others, thereby positioning the USA to be   “BLESSED”!