Coming Up Short

Coming up short can be embarrassing and humiliating, especially in public.  Why does it seem so awkward in those settings?  The writer of Hebrews addresses a similar spiritual situation and admonished the believers to not “fall short of the grace of God”.

Heb. 12:15  looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God;

We all know God’s grace is unlimited. We know His grace empowers us in life and for life.  How does one “fall short” of His grace?

Note the context of this admonition is with relating to other people.  We can fall short of His grace by not extending it to our relationships, past and present. Holding ourselves and in particular others captive because of past failures is another symptom of “falling short”.  Prejudice that often is the result of secondary at best information or too often mere rumors reveals we’ve come up short in the grace quotient.

Don’t come up short, extend the length, breadth and depth of grace  we’re received to others.