Daniel, A Man of Purpose

June 28

Daniel is one of my favorite Bible characters.  He influenced government leaders whether they were Babylonian or Persian.  His influence led people to acknowledge that Daniel’s God was the one and only true God.  Daniel refused to blink when given the opportunity keep his faith in a closet, but he kept doing what he had done and knew to do.

There are many prophetic writings that affect us yet today, but the stage is all set by what is written about Daniel in the eighth verse of chapter one.

Daniel 1:8 NAS Daniel made up his mind (purposed in his heart NKJV) that he would not defile himself with the king’s choice food or with the wine which he drank; so he sought permission from the commander of the officials that he might not defile himself.

Purpose, making up our mind or simply resolving to follow through with a decision brings blessings to our lives.

  1. Purposing in our heart, will empower us to maintain moral purity.  The context of this verse refers to Daniel purposing not to eat the “king’s choice food or wine.”  That was a moral decision for Daniel and his 3 Hebrew friends.  The culture wasn’t conducive to making that kind of moral choice, but because of “purpose” they not only endured it but had other benefits come their way too.

2. Purposing in our hearts brings favor that culminates in promotion.  The favor immediately follows the stance of                maintaining moral purity.  I believe when the overseer saw the determination of these four lads, it spoke to him                  about their character and dependability.

3. Purposing in our hearts will release prosperity because of our purity of heart.  Daniel and his 3 friends were                          eventually elevated, even though it was through persecution.  Endurance of the persecution was realized because            they had “made up their minds.”

Purpose of heart opens doors for greater ministry than bending with every wind of doctrine.  Yes, we do need to be open to the new things of God, but not at the expense of being deceived.

Be encouraged to be a Person of Purpose!