Psalm 4:3   But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly;     The Lord will hear when I call to Him.

Being “godly” has benefits, two of which the Psalmist reminds us of.

One benefit of living “godly” is we become “distinguished” i.e. “set apart”.   It’s not that we distinguish ourselves, but the Lord distinguishes us to and for Himself.  We are distinguished people, even when we don’t feel like it or feel as those we deserve it.  It’s based on His imputed righteousness to us.

The first benefit of being distinguished is that when we call, He hears!  We have direct access to Him, with no busy signal or waiting in line for an audience with the King of the universe.  Receiving Jesus as Lord positions and places us as being distinguished.  It’s not a result of our performance or merit.  It’s because of His unfailing love, grace and mercy toward us.

Why live “godly” – being distinguished and accessibility are a couple of good reasons!