Don’t Sweat It!

June 26

In Ezekiel 44: 15 – 18 God gives an interesting command concerning what the priests were to wear when they came into the inner court of the Temple, specifically no wool, only linen could be worn; “with anything which makes them sweat.”  This connects back to the Law.

Today, sweat isn’t the issue, but doing things in our own flesh is.  God is for us doing things that will advance His Kingdom, but He doesn’t want them done in our flesh.  Rather He desires them done in the power of His might.

In the course of our daily walk with the Lord, a question we can ask “is this wool or is this linen?”  Is this “flesh or is it Spirit?”   When the answer is “Spirit,” go for it.  Build it, speak it, take it; whatever – it will produce life.  If it’s “flesh,” then hang it up and move on.

Just don’t “sweat it.”