Don’t Trip

1 Peter 2: 8   They stumble, being disobedient to the word, to which they also were appointed.

Peter writes that Israel nationally tripped on the “stone” and “rock”, the “chief cornerstone” Jesus Christ. Many didn’t believe He was Messiah, even though they had the entire Torah, books of poetry, psalm, history and prophecy that pointed to His coming.  All those validated that was their “appointed” word, to let the nations of the earth know the redemptive purpose of Almighty God, becoming “disobedient” to their appointed word!

As with Israel, so there is for us, individually and corporately, an appointed word!  That appointed word includes being light in the midst of darkness, being Biblically correct rather than politically correct, being bold witnesses rather than cowering with intimidation and fear.  Essentially declaring and decreeing the Kingdom while expanding and establishing the Kingdom!

Let’s not trip up, let’s stand up, speak up and show up!