Esther 5 Maintaining Integrity in Spite of Death

We discover two plots in this Bible reading of chapter five; one connived by Haman to kill Mordecai and the other by Esther to reveal Haman’s plot against her people. Esther’s strategy was a more complicated than Haman’s; hers was to inform, that his was to destroy. Hers was based on compassion for a nation, his was based on hatred for a man and those he represented the Jewish people.

In spite of Esther’s invitation, Haman’s vindictiveness drove him even more jealous and enraged. Without revealing her true motive in requesting Haman’s presence with the king to a banquet she would host; the king granted her request, “up to half of the kingdom”. Calling his primary wife and all his children, Haman shared his dastardly deed for Mordecai upon the suggestion for him from his wife.

He constructed a sixty-two foot gallows that was to be used for Mordecai’s martyrdom. This recommendation pleased Haman and he set the plans in motion.

In this chapter we discover again that Mordecai maintained his integrity in the face of imminent death. Will we, as Mordecai maintain our integrity, in spite of the threat of death? The world is looking for such people today.