Esther 9 Celebrate Victories

The first portion of this chapter deals with the decree drafted by Esther and Mordecai against those who had been involved in the harm to be inflicted by Haman; which included those who assisted Haman and Hammedatha, along with their children. It’s interesting that the satraps, governors and king’s workers did whatever Mordecai requested, as “fear of Mordecai fell upon them.” This man found favor in the “king’s palace”, along with his fame throughout all the provinces.

After discovering that five hundred had been slain in Shushan alone, another three hundred were discovered, with a total of eight hundred being found in Shushan alone.

It’s also interesting that the Jews didn’t take any of the plunder, even though the original decree gave them permission to do so. This illustrates how their concern was for their people and not the possessions of their enemies.

The second portion deals with the celebration and deaths of the Jewish enemies. This celebration is known yet today as the Feast of Purim and has its origin to this account we read of in Esther.

A number of years ago, it was my honor and privilege to speak in a Messianic congregation. A couple weeks prior to my speaking I was in a service where Purim was celebrated. It was a most incredible service I had been in, as it was very celebratory; with gifts being exchanged as well.

It’s always appropriate to celebrate victory over the enemy. Rarely is a victory accomplished by a single individual; but most often is the consequence of a group warring against the enemy. Celebrate your victories and if others have assisted you in those victories, invite them to join in the festivities as well.