Ezekiel 35 Sow Righteously

Ezekiel resumes the prophetic destiny of the Edomites, who had been perpetual thorns in the side of Israel and Judah since the time of their grandfathers, Jacob and Esau.  What precipitated this discourse was due to the Edomites’ consistent and persistent harassing and tormenting of Israel and Judah.  Not merely on occasion, but over the long haul.  They also, kept this up and added to all the challenges that Israel and Judah faced, rather than letting up or backing off, they escalated the generational feud.

Scripture indicates that there was an insatiable thirst for blood, particularly for that of Israel.  The judgment came where they were caught in their own lust.  It is said that a queen of the Scythians ambushed Cryus and two hundred thousand of his army, cut Cyrus’ head off and placed in a jar filled with blood.  When people taunt the Lord and brag against Him, there will be a consequence beyond their belief.

The behavior was beyond comprehension, but the principle we glean and see from this passage is “whatever a man sows that will he reap”.  Three laws of sowing and reaping are evident here:

1) you reap what you sow,

2) you reap after you sow and

3) you reap more than you sow.  Edom reaped evil because of what they had sown.  We can reap righteous fruit when we sow righteously.

Let’s sow righteousness!