Ezekiel 39 God’s Face Isn’t Being Hidden Anymore

Keep in mind that there is the “near future” and the “distant future” that prophetic declarations often have.  There are parallels between this portion of scripture and that found in Revelation 20; the “distant future” from Ezekiel’s day, after the millennial during which time Satan is bound and Christ reigns with the saints.

The “near future” from Ezekiel’s day, there is also historical evidence that Antiochus was the one who is being referenced.  He had those from Persia that were archers that were decimated in this battle.  Magog is often seen as being Syria, which would be defeated as well when they attempted to enter the Land of Promise.

According to the book of Maccebees, Antiochus was not only a vicious ruler/conqueror, but he also profaned the temple in Jerusalem.  The consequence of this brought about certain destruction.  The army left in confusion and chaos, leaving weapons of war and many simply dying in the arid conditions.  Rather than using trees from the forests, Israel used the wood from those weapons for firewood.  It took seven years to “cleanse” the land from all that had died.

The birds and beasts were summoned to “eat the flesh and drink blood” of those that had fallen.  It wasn’t Israel that was summoned, as Voltaire and others have falsely accused those of Jewish descent of doing.

Viewing this portion of scripture and that found in Revelation 20, there is scriptural basis that there will be a similar event yet to take place.  The timing of such an event is very elusive at best for our current time and day.

There is one thing we do know that is in process of occurring is the prophetic declaration found in verse 29; “I will not hide My face from them anymore; for I shall have poured out My Spirit on the house of Israel’ says the Lord GOD.”  That is happening as we write today; there is a revival among the Jewish people.  They are accepting Jesus as their Messiah, with Messianic congregations springing up across Israel and other parts of the world.  Not only are the Jewish people experiencing revival, but Gentiles as well.  God’s face is being revealed as His Spirit is being poured out.

Scripture reminds us that there is no prophecy of private interpretation, GOD ISN’T HIDING HIS FACE ANY LONGER FROM THOSE WHO ARE SEEKING HIM!  When we seek Him, He will reveal Himself.