Ezekiel 40 Sons of Zadok

The balance of Ezekiel deals with what some have referred to as Ezekiel’s Temple, which in almost every instance was a replica of Solomon’s Temple.  This vision of the temple to be reconstructed was given 25 years into the 70 year prophecy that Israel would be held captive and 14 years after Jerusalem had been destroyed.

What is the significance of this seemingly reiteration of the temple dimensions by Ezekiel?  1) To elicit hope in the people taken captive, give them something to look forward to when they returned to Jerusalem.  2) There were some that felt there was no copy of Solomon’s Temple left and that the prophet, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, scribed these dimensions so as to replicate the previous temple.  3) That even though the captives lost hope and likely any memory of the details, God remembered.

You’ll also notice a particular family of the tribe of Levi was the ones who had charge of the temple area near the altar, the “sons of Zadok”; which means “trust”. I would encourage you to do a word search on Zadok and see the incredible history and lineage of this family.

The present day application, without going into what the symbolic meaning is for each specific detail of the temple, can be drawn on.

1st: Are we eliciting hope?  Does our ministry (not just professional ministers), provide something to look forward to?  The kind of “hope” we speak of isn’t like wishing upon a star, rather an expectation that connects hope to faith, resulting in transformation.

2nd: Remember, God knows about every nook and cranny of our lives, our circumstances and destiny.  Ezekiel is essentially writing the vision so that those who would read it, hear it and would be able to run with it.  Recall the prophetic words spoken over your life, put them to remembrance.  If you haven’t begun to do so, you may want to transcribe them, record them to serve as reminders of what we tend to forget.

Concerning Zadok, I believe the Lord is raising up “sons of Zadok” (not gender exclusive) who are walking in holiness, integrity and passion for the presence of the Lord.  It is to these family members the Lord is unveiling His face, His glory and His desire to see the earth covered with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas.