Ezekiel 41 No Need Too Small

The detail given in this chapter of the re-construction of the Temple parallels that of when Solomon’s Temple was constructed.

Each of us needs to remember that God not only knows each and every detail of our lives, but more importantly He cares about them.  His care is demonstrated through the provision to meet every need of every area.

We often hear “there’s nothing too big for God”, equally there is no such thing as something “too small” for God.  Myriads of testimonies could be shared where God met a want for something that meant little or nothing to anyone else but us.

Sometimes that provision comes in package of “favor”, other times it may come wrapped in a simple gesture of courtesy; don’t limit His provision to finances or material things.  Yes He does want to meet those more significant needs, but don’t overlook the smaller ones.

He really does care for you!