Ezekiel 42 Priests Unto the Lord

In addition to specifics by which the Temple was to be constructed “according to plan”; including the entrances, walls, inner and outer courts; there are two things that stand out.

  1. There were specific guidelines as to what could be worn by the priests when they entered into the “holy chamber”, which couldn’t be taken into to the “outer court” (vs. 14).  Keep in mind that they had been ministering in the “place is holy” on behalf of the people.  The purpose behind this act of exclusivity was so nothing would defile the holiness of the “inner court”.  We’ll see soon more about the kind of clothing the priests could wear when in that holy place.  But note where the priests were to go after having been there; they approached the people (vs. 14).


Ministry’s primary purpose is that of connecting with people with the Person and Presence of Almighty God.  PTL today, when we’re born again, we ALL become priests, we ALL have access to Him; but we have access to Him to be equipped to connect with people.

  1. Note there is a definite distinction as to who could access His presence entering the inner court.  There was a wall that encircled the inner temple, only the priests could enter.  However there was an “outer court” where those that were impure, Gentiles and others could have access to.


The Church is to be a place where all kinds of people gather, regardless of their spiritual condition and as a result of having had priests who have been in the “inner court”, come to know and understand the awesome benefits of coming to faith in Christ.  That wall of division is no longer a problem for even the youngest, least mature Christian; because they are now priests unto the Lord as well.