Ezra 3 Living Temples

The second temple was to be constructed by decree of Cyrus; which commenced after those who returned with the intent to fulfill the decree, being about five months in time. During this time, the festivals and feasts were reinstituted and about eight months later after all the preparations for construction had been acquired, construction began.

It’s interesting that when they saw the foundation of the temple laid those who had been present seventy plus years earlier; began to weep for joy. Even though the second temple could not compare to first, as a number of scholars believe during the seventy year absence of worship, desecration and destruction; the Ark had been stolen and/or destroyed.

These conditions didn’t deter the priests, Levites and sons of Asaph from worshipping the Lord God. They gave a “shout” to the Lord when the foundation was laid in front of them.

We too can offer exuberant praise when see foundations laid in people’s lives to be living temples of and to the Lord.