Get a Grip

Rev. 2: 25 But hold fast what you have till I come.

Thyatira was located in present day Turkey that had increased their “works”, yet had failed to address sin that had crept in.  Specifically two that are often seen in today’s church; sexual immorality along with those that had a form or appearance of being godly, yet weren’t.

The purpose of discipline isn’t to be judgmental, rather it’s for restoration and reconciliation; maintaining a unity in the faith.

In the midst of the areas of correction required, there were those who desired to live godly and walk righteously in their culture, their great need was endurance.  This too is evident in the Body of Christ in our culture, to “hold fast”.  It could literally be stated to “get a grip and keep a grip” on what God has given, revealed and empowered.

We need to get a grip on hold on to the truth of God’s provisions and purposes for us.  They go hand in hand.  Provision isn’t for indulgence, but fulfill His purpose for our lives.  Peace isn’t just for personal tranquility rather it’s for spreading to those who have yet to meet the Prince of Peace.

May we not only get a grip, but be in His grip!