God Will Judge

Psalm 75:10   “All the horns of the wicked I will also cut off, But the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.”

This chapter is God’s response to the crisis described in the previous chapter, 74, by Asaph.  Therein is given an overview of the sequence of destruction to Jerusalem and in particular the Temple prior to and following Babylon’s assault on the Holy City.

Many saints have asked the question of God when He would put an end to all the blasphemy and blatant transgression against Kingdom values and virtues by the current culture.  A group of “clergy” in Columbus, Ohio were planning to dedicate a house of murder – aka, an abortion clinic to the Lord.  Giving the illusion that a convenience murder facility would have God’s blessing!  Incredible!!!  This is just a graphic illustration of flaunting disobedience to God’s Word and this kind of decadence will only escalate in the days ahead.

We need to remember the God of the universe will do what is right and judgment will come on those who call good evil and evil good.

He’s coming back again, but not as a baby; rather as King of kings.  In the interim, we need to keep our focus and hope on the Lord.

We must not be silent about God’s truth.

Be encouraged to not only stand but to speak up and out for the King and His Kingdom.  Keep on demonstrating love for the Lord by loving those who have yet to come to faith.

And having done everything you know to do, STAND.