Happy Thanksgiving

Sitting here contemplating with excitement about Thursday as we celebrate Thanksgiving!  We will be blessed to share on that grand turkey day with family and friends, which makes for an added bonus. 

Over the years there have been many Thanksgivings that were special, yet this year’s promises to be the most special for me and Kathy. 

Four months ago I wasn’t certain about the future, let alone being able to celebrate with gratitude Thanksgiving.  The three month anniversary of the liver transplant just occurred and next month (December) we have appointments at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida that will provide information on the next leg in this journey of faith and life. 

Gratefulness for family and friends means more today than ever before, not that we’ve been ungrateful in the past; but this year it’s different.  A lifetime different!

Each of you has brought a renewed joy and expectation, at just the thought of your name or the image of your face.  Phone calls, texts, cards, emails all are precious.  Some are reminiscent, encouraging, questioning or just reconnecting; whatever the intent, they mean more today. 

Thursday we’ll eat turkey, dressing, pie, sweet potato casserole, play games (guys always win), nap, remember the past, complain about the now and question the future.  However this year I’ll be grateful and thankful for the past, present and future with family and friends, even ones yet to be met. 

It’s my prayer and expectation for you to be blessed on this Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Thankfully,   Gary & Kathy Hines