His Works or His Ways?

Psalm 103:7  He made known His ways to Moses, His acts (works) to the children of Israel.

Leadership carries greater responsibility than those being led.  Aspiring to leadership is not only admirable, often times it’s the result of God’s prompting to venture into another realm, a place of greater responsibility.  With responsibility, the Lord grows the leader by entrusting greater revelation or if you please “His ways” as with Moses.

The why, how and when of matters is given to leadership that isn’t always perceived by others; similar to Israel who only observed “His acts” or works, the evidence or result of knowing “His ways”.

Knowing His ways opens the window of seeing things previously unknown.  One leader’s quip “there are known unknowns” helps bring clarity for me and hopefully you as well.  There are “unknowns” the Lord reveals which bring us understanding of His ways. This is living a life that is on the “edge”.

His works or “acts” are awesome in their own right, however for many there is a fire, passion, hunger, yearning to know His “ways”.  Let’s go for His Ways!