Hope for the Cracked & Shattered

Isa. 42: 3  A bruised reed He will not break,  And smoking flax He will not quench; He will bring forth justice for truth.

This prophetic declaration of Messiah’s ministry is repeated in Matthew 12:20 in reference to the ministry of Jesus.  That is the present day ministry of Jesus by His Spirit and by His Church.

Lives (reeds) that have been cracked or shattered when ministered to with the enabling power of the Holy Spirit are restored to newness of life.  The Lord will do His part in the restoration process, will the Church?

Cracked and shattered lives often appear dysfunctional and out of step.  The call for the Church is to come alongside them till their put back together, which includes a whole lot of patience and understanding.

The length of the investment depends on many factors.  However long it takes as we’re led by the Spirit of God.

Be an agent of hope!