Job 23 You’re Gold

Over the next two chapters Job pours out his heart as to how and what he feels about the seeming lack of consolation and comfort; not only from God, as well as his three “friends”. They have said little to bring him comfort in the midst of this affliction or conviction of any transgression he was supposed to have committed.

Job’s desire, as with everyone is “find” God! For many they desire to meet Him for the first time and for those like Job, they are seeking answers as to issues and challenges they face. If he could find God, he would present a logical and legally upright discourse for his innocence. Further, he knows how God would respond to him, unlike the manner in which these would be “comforters” are.

First Job knows God would listen to his arguments and respond with truth spoken in love. He wouldn’t come to Job in all His power and might in the sense to create more fear; rather they would be able to “reason together” that would result in deliverance.

Job felt, as with gold; he would come out with a greater glisten and purer mind set. Gold isn’t destroyed in the fire; it is purified and melted to be a vessel of honor to the Lord.

In Job’s quest to find God he went forward, backed up, looked to the left and right with no success. Even though Job didn’t know where to find Him, God knew where he was going and how authentic his life had been up to that time; he “held fast to His steps”, “kept His ways”, didn’t transgress or depart “from the commandment of his lips” and placed a high value on His words. The idea being in that last statement is to carry it in his abdomen or his heart.
There wasn’t any illusion that Job would be able to “make Him change”, as God is sovereign. Everything Job had encountered had been “appointed for” him. Due to his inability to find God, he was terrified at His presence perceived in the form of judgment he now was receiving. God hadn’t and wouldn’t permit his death.

Job continues, little by little, to endure all these afflictions that had been released against Job. He desired to find God, and knew he could be found.

The same is true for us. We too shall not only endure and make it through; but we’ll come out on the other side purified and radiant in His glory.