Job 3 The Pity Pot `

Years ago, I would visit this lady, where on a couple of occasions she would say “I’ve been sitting on the pity pot”. Sometimes she would add, “and it was full and running over”. Job depicts that adage graphically for us in this chapter.

After the seven days of mourning, he speaks out of his heart; essentially wishing the day he’d been born had never occurred. He goes on to say that he would ask for that day to be “clouded” over, blotted out from the calendar, that it be “darkness” and that it be “barren” along with other words describing his desire to have that day cursed.

During this time we read how Job feels from his heart as a result of the conflict and trial he is going through. He seems to be totally disregarding anyone else and/or their lives, he’s totally engrossed in himself and his circumstance.

Grief over trials can cause pity for ourselves and opens the door to being selfish and self-centered.
As saints of God our focus ought to be on others and not ourselves.
The things which Job “feared” came to him; losing his property and his children. In all of that he encountered, and understood God had “hedged” him in. Here was the challenge of Satan, having attacked this righteous man, he still remained aware of God’s protection and provision.

May we not sit on the “pity pot”; rather let us sit on the thrones of righteousness provided for us by the Lord.