Job 6 Hope Gives Strength

Job responds to his “friend” who took two chapters to despise him on faulty assumption of hidden sin in his life. Job’s view of the conversation hasn’t changed his mind set; if anything it settled it more in his own conscious.
The weight of his “grief” was heavy, to the point it was heavier that the “sand of the sea”. It was incalculable. He makes a statement in verse three “my words have been rash.” Isn’t that true for all of us? We speak before knowing all the facts or contributing circumstances that have placed us in our grief; yet Job continues speak rashly declaring “the arrows of the Almighty are within me”, essentially blaming God for his dilemma. Again look at the first two chapters to see it was in fact Satan who was the author of all these calamities.

He declares that had things continued to go his way, there would be no reason for his desire for a speedy death. He asks for God to permit him to “have my request”. He desires that it would please God to “crush” him. Note in verse nine Job recognizes the reason for his continued life was the hand of God on him and if His hand was removed, he would be “cut off”.

Job also experienced a loss of hope, which took his strength to fight. It is my position that those who cease fighting have lost hope, with no strength to fight. That is one of the purposes of friends; to instill hope to continue to fight and not give up. Unlike Job’s would be comforters that came with expectation; but proved to be short on it. Rather than being a life giving stream, they became a dry river bed when the heat comes to bear.

These “comforters” didn’t come at Job’s request, they came on their own. They couldn’t point to any transgression that he had committed, had they been able he would be quiet. Job would never lie to their face and challenges them to “concede” his righteousness stood intact.

This “righteous” man had discernment, first for himself and then for others, things that were out of place or “unsavory”.

Saint of God surrounds yourself with those who will foster hope so that you have strength to finish the course.