Job 7 Stand

These twenty one verses conclude Job’s response to Eliphaz. Keep in mind that both of these men approach the status of Job from an incorrect position; Eliphaz, declaring that Job had secret sin and Job blaming God for his troubles.
Job looked for the night to rest from the challenges of the day, but knew that he would toss and turn throughout the night due to dreams and images that would fill his mind from Satan. Physically he looked despicable and it seemed (a good thing for Job) his days went by quickly. Perhaps that was due to they were “spent without hope.” Hope impacts so many areas of our lives; spirit, soul and body. Note one piece of evidence of his hopelessness, verse seven “My eye will never again see good.” He even lost hope concerning the resurrection, verse nine.

Job determines to not be quiet about the “anguish of” his spirit and soul. He understood that neither he nor any other man would “live forever” and that his life was but a “breath.” What he couldn’t grasp was why God had exalted man, setting His heart on him; was it so that he could “test him every moment?”

We see that Job comes very close to agreeing with Eliphaz as he asks God if he had sinned and if he had, why would God “not pardon” his transgression and take away his iniquity?

The Apostle Paul admonished us to “stand” in the liberty that comes as a result of the grace and mercy of the Lord.

Friend, I echo his heart to you. After you’ve done all the spiritual disciplines, STAND!