Job 9 He’s Here!

Job takes two chapters to respond to Bildad’s comments in the previous chapter.

His first statement is an essential question that only can be resolved in Christ, “how can a man be righteous before God?” Man can’t respond to Him, no one has hardened their hearts against Him and prospered, mountains are move by Him (which no man can do), earthquakes take place and the foundation (pillars) tremble, the sun is under his authority, as are the waves of the sea, He placed constellations in place and He does innumerable things that are beyond human knowledge.

Job couldn’t see any move of God in his circumstances. God doesn’t steal; however Job perceived if someone saw Him doing that they couldn’t stop Him. He won’t “withdraw” anger against the allies of the proud, as they lay prostrate beneath Him.

Job desired to reason with the Lord; yet understood his righteousness wouldn’t permit him to do so. If he could, the plea would be for mercy. Even if He did respond to his plea, Job couldn’t believe it was God listening to his voice. He falsely accused God of crushing him, multiplying his wounds and wouldn’t even let him catch his breath which filled him with bitterness. There is little doubt; Job was blaming God; though done in ignorance for the most part.

He continued to hold on to his statement that he was “blameless”; however he did concede that he didn’t “know myself”, in fact he despised his life. Job’s perception of God was one which viewed Him as playing with man, even when he was in the midst of dire circumstances. Job believed there were “judges” over the earth that the Lord had covered up their faces and thereby were unable to see or give an unbiased judgment.

Job desired for a mediator that would stand between him and God. That was Jesus the Christ, Messiah, who was yet to break on the scene. Praise the Lord we don’t have ask for one, He’s already available to us.

When we feel that our prayers are ineffective, that we face challenges in rapid fire sequence and ask Who is our mediator; know saint of God He is Jesus! He not only hears our prayers, but sees where we are and what is coming against us. As we seek Him, He will be found. If we listen, He will speak to our hearts to remedy the situation.

He’s here; receive Him today – Jesus Christ.