Have you ever met a celebrity, someone that you could hardly believe you were there?  Perhaps you shook their hand, they may have chatted with you, it made an unforgettable memory that is cherished.

It’s one thing to “know” a celebrity; it’s an entirely different thing to be “known” by a celebrity.

Paul wrote to the Church in Galatia encouraging them not to revert back under legalism and as a motivation to that end he reminds them that they not only knew God; but God knew them.

Gal. 4:9  “now after you have known God, or rather are known by God”.

When we realize that God knows us, not just information about us; rather He knows our past, present and future, our hurts, hopes and dreams so why would we try returning to a performance, works based relationship with Him.

Someone needs to hear this TODAY! God knows you, you’ve got immediate access to Him and His arms are open wide.  His knowledge of you is evident in His tender care for you.

Saint of God you are known by Almighty God!  Don’t forget that!