Attending memorial services most often there are wonderful times of reminiscing a loved one, friend, family member.  Some of those memories evoke warmth, others humor and for some – too often – regret.

What memories do our lives evoke?

Phil. 1:3 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

What memories do I evoke in others, especially those who carry me in their hearts?  Hopefully that includes my family and close friends.  Paul carried these people in his heart and they brought him joy, expectation, commitment, compassion and confidence.

Every memory of these believers evoked a prayer from Paul’s heart to the Father on their behalf.  That’s incredible when we pause and contemplate that.  Every memory provoked this man with a hectic schedule and many demands to prayer.

May we live our lives in similar manner that along with the warmth and humor that prayer is included.