Neh. 6 Spiritual Warfare – A Great Work

Years ago a congregational member asked the question, “Does our battle with the enemy ever cease?” At the time the response was quick and with little contemplation, “No we don’t!” They weren’t encouraged by the response; however, it was the truth that observation, experience and scriptures all validate. It very well may have been a question asked of Nehemiah or by him; yet he didn’t succumb to the enemy’s strategy, he kept on pursuing the purpose of God he’d been appointed for – rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

The enemy tried to get him, as a leader, to step away from his position in the task of rebuilding the wall. Nehemiah’s response was that he was “doing a great work”. They sent the message four times and he consistently responded in the same manner. When Sanballat sent his servant with an “open letter”, it was essentially a slap in the face; putting down Nehemiah and not treating him with the respect he deserved.

Nehemiah repudiated Sanballat’s letter by stating there was no truth to his claim that Nehemiah had appointed false prophets to set him up as king over Judea and Jerusalem. It simply wasn’t so. He understood if his leadership was taken out of the picture, the people would have no one to take his place.

Another strategy that was employed, someone betraying him that should have been on his side. Yet Nehemiah discerned through the situation and didn’t respond to his plot to kill him.

In the midst of all this, the wall was completed in fifty-two days; which miraculous in and of itself. They had to carry away rubbish and clean off the bricks/stones that they used in rebuilding the walls. We discover also there were nobles among the Jewish leaders that were working against Nehemiah as well.

Had there been someone else leading the rebuilding, the work would never been completed.

Leaders, you too are “doing a great work”. Don’t allow the enemy to infiltrate your circle of influence to get you to get off course. Stay up there and do the GREAT WORK. Your work is a great work; its Kingdom work.