Neh. 7 Ever

Nehemiah completed the task of rebuilding the walls and hanging the gates was the last order of business for the laborers. A number of scholars believe that Hanani was the one who had initially communicated to Nehemiah about the condition of the walls of Jerusalem. Hanani must have other qualities that Nehemiah saw and held in his heart throughout the nearly two month project; which would qualify him for the position that Nehemiah was to place him in.

What we do know from scripture about Hanani, is that “he was a faithful man and feared God more than many.” When we fear God, all our relationships are impacted for good. This man “feared God”; which meant he would lead in a manner that would place God first.

The gates were to be opened at sunrise and shut at sunset. Once the gates were closed, entrance could be denied and most often were kept shut. The residents were to guard their house and the wall behind their house as well.

The next project that God placed in Nehemiah’s heart was to take a genealogy of “the nobles, the rulers, and the people” for the purposes of registration and repatriation to the nation. There were a number of people that couldn’t trace their routes, but were living in Jerusalem anyway. Note that Nehemiah had divided the report based on “the people”, the “priests”, the “Levites”, the “singers”, the “gatekeepers” and the “Nethinium” (those who were not of Jewish heritage; yet returned with them and the “sons of Solomon’s servants”. Those who couldn’t find their lineage, were not permitted to be a part of the priesthood
The nobles of the land, the governor (Nehemiah), some of the heads of households gave; along with the people toward the renovation of Jerusalem, in particular the wall of the city.
It seems as though everyone was involved at a number of levels in the rebuilding of the wall. As leaders we need to involve as many as have a “willing heart” in the “great work” we’re involved in; which is making the great commission the great completion. If you’re not involved, don’t wait for your Pastor to solicit you, volunteer and see his response.