Purveyors of Hope

Heb. 11:1  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for

There is a direct connect between hope and faith, as hope is the initiator, instigator for faith.  Hope isn’t wishing, hope is the vision of an expected end of our faith.

In this season we’re facing globally, there’s crucial need for the Body of Christ to be purveyors of hope, agents of hope, disseminators of hope to a world whose hope is at best ebbing and in many cases lost.

In prayer the Lord impressed on me to be one that would dispense hope in the midst of fear.  Solomon penned that “hope deferred make the heart sick” (Pro. 13:12).  Solomon’s father had it right because he found rest for his being in hope (Ps. 16:9).  David’s hope was in the Lord (Ps, 39:7), the Lord was his hope (Ps. 71:5).  The origin of hope is the word of God (Ps. 119:147).

Saints of God let us enlist as purveyors of Hope!  Hope that is founded in and on the Word of God, saturated in His presence.  In that environment wisdom will flow and resolutions to the challenges of life will be revealed.

Thank you Lord for an army of purveyors of Hope!