Rejoicing in the Lord

Psalm 118: 24   This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Context of statements is key too much of scripture, as it is in this Psalm.  Israel has returned from Babylonian exile to Jerusalem, Ezra and Nehemiah collaborating on restoration.  When the “cornerstone” had been placed for the restoration of the temple, they rejoiced and were glad.  Only a few souls remembered seeing the former temple; yet all rejoiced at this latter temple.

This Psalm is prophetic concerning the ministry of Jesus as the “chief cornerstone” of a last day’s temple.  Not one made of brick, mortar or wood; rather the lives of those who permit the Lord Jesus Christ to be their “personal” cornerstone.  When that happens, not only is there rejoicing on  the earth through our lips, but the angles in heaven rejoice as well.

Go ahead and rejoice in the Lord!