Rivers of Living Water

June 27

Ezekiel’s vision of water flowing the house (House of God), from under the altar toward the East is a prophetic revelation of God’s desire for the Church today, even though it was given nearly 3,000 years ago. (Ezekiel 47)

The further out the prophet waded, the deeper the water and the greater the impact the water had on its surroundings.   It’s interesting that God takes Ezekiel out in 1,000 cubit intervals and makes a declaration at each interval.

The first thousand cubits, the water reached ankles, the second thousand cubits it reached the knees and then the loins and then the fourth thousand cubits, Ezekiel was in water over his head.

Note, in verse 8 He declares “these waters,” i.e. the waters at the 4,000 cubit distance.  Those waters watered many trees on the banks and go toward the sea and affect everything they come in contact with.

The Church today is the “water” at the 4,000 cubit distance.  God’s mandate for our generation and culture is to go to the sea so that every creature in the sea will live and everything will live where the river goes.

The revival, renewal or outpouring that is coming is going to be an incredible move of His Spirit.  The key is staying connected to the source of life, the Presence of God.

Saint of God, don’t give up.  Revival is coming and it will bring life.