Stop Complaining, Trust God

Psalm 60:12   Through God we will do valiantly, For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.

I love the honesty and transparency of scripture, in particular reading the life of David.  Throughout the Psalms as well as this one, David pours out his heart and complains about God’s apparent lack of interest and concern about the dilemmas and enemies he faced.

Too often I’ve found myself in similar scenarios, complaining to God; either about the challenge, the enemy, what’s confronting me or trying to overwhelm me.

Yet the conclusion of this Psalm is equally revealing as to David’s vulnerability and somewhat of a “wake up call”.  David reminds himself it is through and because of God that victory comes.

Like David, when we come to a point of desperation, will we answer God’s wake up call to us and remind ourselves it is through and by God the victory, the answer, the direction will come to us?

Gary, just trust Him!