Strike While the Irons Hot

Mark 16:7 “But go, tell His disciples”

This morning on my daily walk I wondered what it must have been like on that first post Resurrection Monday.  News had already traveled, and rumors were being confirmed with eye witness accounts of having seen the Resurrected Lord, Jesus – Lord of the living and of the dead.

They weren’t hankered down in fear, they were sharing the truth and reality of His eternal life-giving Resurrection, with family, friends and those closest and nearest to their hearts and lives.

There’s an adage “strike while the irons hot”, that speaks to the optimum time when something or someone is molded moment.  Right now our nations around the world are in such a time, the iron is hot and what will they be molded into?

People are looking for answers!  Bible sales are up over 25% across the nation.  Why?  People are hungry, seeking and questioning what on earth is going on.

Yesterday I viewed scores of on-line, live streamed recorded sermons and messages that all had a clear Gospel message in them, with an opportunity to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  The Pastors and Ministers prepared and prayed over them.

I want to challenge you to forward the link of your Pastor’s message to a friend and then follow up and ask them what they thought, do they have any questions.

Let’s strike while the iron is hot and see this nation turn around and let it become truth that we truly are “One Nation Under God”!

Can I get an amen!